The Future of Cell and Gene Therapy is Automated

Limula offers a modular solution for on-demand and at-scale manufacturing of cell therapies in a single device.

The Future of Cell and Gene Therapy is Automated

Limula offers a modular solution for on-demand and at-scale manufacturing of cell therapies in a single device.

Our Vision

Life-saving therapies, for everyone.

Cell & Gene Therapies are ‘living drugs’ made from the patient’s own cells, reprogrammed to target the root of the disease rather than addressing its symptoms. For the first time in history, medicine offers a cure for cancer and other life-threatening conditions. These personalised treatments are so expensive and difficult to make in large quantities that the global manufacturing capacity cannot provide a cure to every eligible patient. At Limula, we believe there is a future where everyone should be treated with the most advanced therapies available, at reasonable cost, wherever they are.

Our Solution

Combining a bioreactor and a centrifuge into one device, for the first time.

We reimagined the concept of a bioreactor from the ground up. Our proprietary solution is fit-for-purpose and radically different from existing technologies.

In-situ centrifugation is our unique selling proposition. We can sequence highly complex cell processing steps in a single container without any human intervention.

We take a stepwise approach to the development of an end-to-end manufacturing platform, building upon our core cell processing unit with additional modules.

The unique shape of our bioreactor enables scale-down for process development before scale-up and scale-out for commercial-stage manufacturing.

Our technology has the potential to support a variety of use cases in autologous and allogenic cell therapy, including T cells, hematopoietic stem cells, and more.

Our solution combines an operating unit, consumables and software, into a user-friendly automated platform with intuitive user experience and low hands-on time.

About Limula

Swiss Made engineering meets cell therapy

Our company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We thrive in this world-class ecosystem, tapping into the country’s long tradition of Pharma and Biotech. We have privileged access to exceptional engineering and life science talent and infrastructure, delivering the highest product quality.

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Our team

We think out of the box.

We combine decades of experience in different industries to develop a highly innovative approach to solving one of the main roadblocks in Cell & Gene Therapy manufacturing.


Luc graduated from the University of Oxford with a DPhil in Chemical Biology and has 10 years of research experience in chemistry, biotechnology and immunology. Before founding Limula, he was a personal advisor to the President of EPFL, Prof. Martin Vetterli. At Limula, his role is to build meaningful partnerships to maximise the impact of our technology.
Yann Pierson
Yann graduated from EPFL with a PhD in Chemical Biology. He invented, patented and built the first prototype of the technology behind our revolutionary CGT manufacturing platform in his garage during the COVID pandemic lock-down. At Limula, his role is to develop a product that meets the technical and regulatory needs of our customers.
Thomas Eaton
Tom graduated from the University of Basel with a PhD in Material Sciences. Tom has extensive experience in project management, budget tracking, outsourcing and supplier oversight. He has worked for, and consulted to, multinationals, including Deloitte, UBS and SwissRe. At Limula, his role is to establish company processes to support our objectives and reach our potential.

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They believe in what we do, since 2020

Our award-winning team and technology have received invaluable support from a large number of organisations. We are grateful for their trust and contribution to our success.


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